Dial Gmail Technical Support Number for account problem

Gmail is the most preferred and the best-ranked webmail support. Majority individuals in the world are the Gmail user because of its varied features meetings all the requirements of all the individuals. It has become the primary account of the uses and almost every account is synchronised with it including the phone contacts. Gmail is a very user friendly application and easier to adopt.

Inbox is the primary concern of Gmail. Any individual would prefer to arrange its inbox depending on the priority. Since any and every account is sync with Gmail account, the individual keeps on receiving some or the other messages and filling the inbox. Reading every email and then deciding the priority is always not possible or feasible in this busy schedule of the users. So to resolve the issue, the Gmail has came up with the feature for adding or removing inbox categories and tabs in Gmail. The individuals can now sort their messages into categories like Primary, Social,

Promotions, Updates and Forums.

Categorizing the messages in iPhone is still difficult and the iPhone users do face certain problem. So to add or remove the inbox categories and tabs in Gmail in iPhone, the user need to first know that changing categories in iPhone is not possible. To do so, the user first need to

  • Open Gmail from the computer
  • Then in settings he or she need to select configure Inbox
  • Then he or she needs to check the boxes of categories as per the desire. The user need to know that, in case if he or she hide any tab then those messages will be displayed under the category of Primary tab
  • Here, the user will be provided with an option if he or she want the messages marked star should be displayed in Primary tab or not
  • And then save

The iPhone user need to note that, any changes that are made in the Gmail application, will make the changes and thus the user can see the same while access Gmail from their device.

For any further queries, the users are recommended to contact the Gmail Technical Support anytime from any location to seek expert assistance from the highly qualified professionals.


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